You need advice before purchasing or inheriting a property?

You noticed that damages have appeared in your house, building, flat (cracks, seepage, humidity, insulation, latent defects, etc.)?

You would like to know what caused those damages and the type and budget for the works that would have to be carried out.

Or you are seeking advice as you would like to destroy a wall or partition in your house.

Cap Expert gives you practical advice to inform you and potentially defend you in the case of a dispute. We intervene on site and diagnose conception mistakes, defects, and building flaws. We offer you assistance if you have undergone disasters such as flood, landslide, etc.

During our expert’s visit, we gather all information necessary to establish a diagnosis: visual inspection, material inspection, structural disorders, structures identification, compliance with standards and regulations.

This investigation allows us to identify the causes of the observed symptoms and to find solutions for the problem(s).

Our expert’s reports provide you with thorough and detailed report of our observations, with photographs, precise diagnosis as well as our recommendations in principle. In the context of damage, dispute or property purchase, we can also provide estimated costing of damages and/or of the works to be carried out for the repairs.

We also intervene as advisor for construction design and restoration / refurbishment. We can advise and assist you in your rearrangement / renovation project providing you with our knowledge of construction rules, technical know-how, specific skills (calculation of load lowering, standards and regulation, material resistance etc.).