Efficiently documented and quickly granted!

Gathering all the documents and going through the application procedure for a building permit means long and complex admi paperworks. Cap expert assists you and takes in charge the whole process from the documents filing and administration forms to its follow-up.

A building permit is compulsory if:

  • You plan to build a new constructio
  • You want to build an extension that would add up more than 20m2  to the existing building surface area
  • The works you wish to start will modify the structure or the façade of the existing building.
  • your project will change the purpose of the building (turning a commercial premises into accommodation for example).

The building permit application form must be accompanied by the following prescribed information and documents:

  • Site plan of the property;
  • Ground plane : for the future building or of the existing building that will undergo modifications;
  • Cross section drawings ;
  • Plans for the façades, interior floor plans and structure plans;
  • Graphic document to assess the future building ‘s insertion in its environment;
  • Photography showing the site and surroundings ;
  • Photography showing the site  in wider environnement ;
  • In case the project is a new construction, a certificate certifying the compliance of the project with the building regulation RT2012 must be provided.

Along with those documents, an explanatory note must be written. It must describe the site and the project and detail the following information:

  • Layout and arrangement :what will be modified and/or removed;
  • Organisation, composition and volume of the project. All choices (organisation, layout etc) be justified;
  • How the building, fences, property limits and vegetation will be dealt with;
  • Materials used and colours (walls and roofing). In some areas (Bâtiment de France...), this part must be detailed and developed (windows and doors, exact colours with references);
  • How free spaces will be dealt with (garden, vegetation);
  • Access to the site, buildings, parking spaces.


Cap expert guarantees perfect accuracy of the information concerning:  the surface area (NFA –net floor area-, GFA –gross floor area-, habitable surface area), and compliance with hygiene, safety, building regulations and standards.