Your dream home has come true and real? You have done renovation works or built an extension?

However, there is still one final step to fulfil: the completion-of-work meeting.

You are no expert in the building industry and you are not used to spotting defects and flaws. You are entirely within your rights to be assisted by a professional building expert.

Cap Expert assists you in this formality and helps you check that the works comply with standards and regulations and that they have been carried out correctly.

The certificate of completion-of-work is essential for the ten-year insurance which provides coverage to the owner against defects and flaws.

The certificate of completion-of-work marks the start of:

  • Legal guarantees: completion guarantee (1 year), guarantee of good working order (2 years) building companies’ and trades’ ten-year guarantee.
  • All insurances coverage

Warning : no completion-of work certificate = no insurance coverage.

At the end of the building work of a new house, or renovation/refurbishment works the builder hands the key to the owner during the completion-of-work meeting. This formal step is called in France :

  • « réception » or « CCMI » (individual dwelling construction contract)
  • « livraison » or “VEFA”, which means off-plan contract.

This meeting unfolds in the presence of the builder and the owner.

It is the time to check the successful completion of the work but also, to formalise in writing, in the completion-of-work minute, all the elements that do not reflect what was agreed in the building contract or that do not comply with regulations, that is to say: reservations.

Cap expert helps you check compliance and detect possible flaws and defects, and if required, make reservations at the time of the completion-of-work meeting.

Other situations may make you seek the assistance of an expert before the completion of work.

  • You think there are defects but you are not sure and/or do not know how the formulate them,
  • You are asked to pay an invoice according to the state of advancement but you feel that the actual progress of the work does not correspond to the amount asked.
  • You building site looks like a rubbish tip. You should be paying for the cleanup of the site? What is included in the estimate you signed?